Google has all sorts of data points about the world around us, and it turns out the most recent Maps update includes a new use for that data. Maps will now tell you if you’re navigating someplace that’s going to be closed when you get there.

This feature is listed in the updated changelog for Maps, which follows.

  • Receive a warning when you are about to navigate to a place that is closed at time of arrival.
  • Searching for ‘my events’ now also shows car rental reservations from your Gmail, in addition to flights and hotels.

Bug Fixes
We already covered the rental car reservations, but the navigation warnings are new. This won’t only tell you if your destination is closed when you select it, but if it’s going to be closed by the time you get there. So let’s say you’re 20 minutes away from something. If it closes in 15 minutes, Maps is smart enough to tell you that now.

The notice pops up in the middle of the screen (as seen above) and allows you to continue with navigation or cancel. This version of Maps should be available to everyone in the Play Store at this point.